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Colony Zone - Garden Grinding

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Greetings Knights!
as OSKO 
team, we will enlighten you about our new project, " Ronark Land Garden Grinding "

In our sever, for your entertainment ;  until ''Bifrost Map'' launch, for the sake of grinding  Two of the Bi-frost mobs ''Ego'' and ''Wraith'' have been added at Inside and outside of Ronark Land Bowl .

What to know about Garden Grinding ; 

  • There will be 7 "Egos" in Garden Grinding in total.
  • There will be 7 "Wraiths" in Garden Grinding in total.
  • Ego and Wraith mobs will respawn randomly between 1 and 3 hours periods.

You can grind these items at Garden;

  • Random Power-Up Store items. 
  • You can have Master Skill quest items with a low chance.




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