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Emc , Lufer And Colony Zone Drop Rates

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Salute Knights!
We, as OSKO team, will inform you about some drops and their rates. 

Important : Except ColonyZone all the drops are same for Karus & Humans . Let me give you an example to clarify.
First you need to get close to Mob and check what drops you can get.

Eslant Dark Mare :
As you can see there isn't any drop of Shard Raptor kinda items. These kind of valuable items are accessible at ColonyZone Darkmare's. What I want to tell you is: ColonyZone's Drop & Exp rates are 50% more than other zones, and items may vary.
These rates are not defined as original rates.

Eslant Darkmare Drop : [Iron Bow] 10%
ColonyZone Darkmare Drop : [Iron Bow] 15%

I'll line up Dark Mare drops for you at Colony Zone and Eslant:

Eslant Darkmare:


ColonyZone Darkmare:


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