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Funclass Event Details Information

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Some information about the funclass event;

  • -There is no level limit in the event, everyone can participate.
  • -When the event starts, everyone is given a random JOB.
  • -JOB selection interface automatically opens when the event starts, when you enter the area where the event is, or exit the game and re-enter.
  • -When the event starts, all the characters start with item , when the event ends, your original items will be active again.
  • -After changing a job, it is necessary to wait 15 minutes (variable) to change again.
  • -Transformation Scrolls do not work.
  • -HP, AC Attack etc. Skills such as scrolls, priest buffs, mage resists work.
  • -Scrolls that give stat (STR, HP, DEX, MP, INT, Lion, Weapon & Armor Enchant Scroll) do not work and do not have any effect.
  • -Master 10 works on all jobs (15% damage reduction).
  • -Items such as arrow, master stone must be purchased.
  • -Master 2 paper, Mage 35, 54 and 57 papers are not required.
  • -Cospre items do not work, they do not give any bonuses. (Valkyrie, Gryphon, Death Knight Emblem etc.)



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